There’s a good reason for our success 

Achieving success requires harnessing the turbulent winds of change. Our aim is not just to keep pace with the challenges of a changing education market, but to actively shape industry developments. Above all, this takes an awareness of our own traditions and ambitions, a positive view of the world and an openness to new and innovative ideas. 

A company with history 

A firm conviction, a brilliant idea, a first step: that’s how all good stories start. When Franz Cornelsen established a publishing house in 1946 in the wake of the Second World War, he followed a simple credo: “Those who can talk to each other don’t wage wars against each other.” It was the first step on a long and successful journey. The textbook “Peter Pim and Billy Ball” revolutionised English teaching in the early years of the Federal Republic of Germany. Cornelsen established itself as the English market leader and gradually expanded its profile.

Today, the Cornelsen Group is headed by its majority shareholder the Franz Cornelsen Foundation, established in 1968, and is one of the leading providers of educational media in the German-speaking world. At our headquarters in Berlin and at five other locations, more than 1,600 employees work for our well-known brands such as Cornelsen Verlag, Duden, VERITAS and Verlag an der Ruhr.

We will continue to do everything in our power to foster the credo of our company founder and help shape the world of learning. The long history of our company is valuable evidence that only those who continuously challenge themselves and remain in close dialogue with society can lead the way and stay at the top. We appreciate the new perspectives and opportunities that arise from such a strategy. Because powerful development is the foundation of every successful story.

Cornelsen Group companies


Cornelsen eCademy

Cornelsen eCademy develops online learning solutions for in-house training and development. Its customised products help educators impart standard learning content. Trainees have flexible access to content and can design their own learning journey to suit their needs. 


Cornelsen Experimenta

Cornelsen Experimenta stands for learning through experimenting, to stimulate interest in the natural sciences and ensure individual learning success in STEM subjects. Cornelsen Experimenta kits, well-known in Germany as ‘red suitcases’, have been produced in Berlin-Reinickendorf for over 40 years. They contain complete teaching concepts with test kits and educational materials for primary and secondary schools. 


Cornelsen Verlag

Cornelsen Verlag is one of the leading providers of educational media in the German-speaking world. Cornelsen harnesses its enormous educational expertise to develop products for teaching and individual learning – whether printed, digital or cross-media. Its products stand for learning success and recognised quality standards. Cornelsen Verlag also publishes the well-known Duden brand program – the authority on the German language.



VERITAS is the largest Austrian publishing house for educational media. The Linz-based company places learning success at the heart of all its products and services. 


Cornelsen Schweiz

In addition to distributing the entire Cornelsen Group product range, the Swiss team is also responsible for product development in Switzerland. It designs teaching and learning systems specifically for the Swiss market – for use in early childhood and general education as well as vocational and adult education. 


Duden Learnattack

Duden Learnattack is an online learning platform for students’ entire secondary school journey, including original test papers, sample solutions, videos and interactive exercises. As a full Duden subsidiary, Duden Learnattack combines high quality with digital innovation. 


Inside Unternehmensgruppe

This leading supplier of digital solutions for in-house training is one of the top 10 e-learning providers in Germany. For 25 years, inside Unternehmensgruppe has been creating innovative training and development concepts for businesses. Its focus is on e-learning, blended learning, workplace learning, performance support and training. 


Cornelsen Verlagskontor (CVK)

Delivering more than 40 million copies per year, Cornelsen Verlagskontor is one of the leading full-service providers of book and merchandise logistics across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 


Verlag an der Ruhr

No one should be left behind – Verlag an der Ruhr has been committed to this motto for 35 years. By concentrating on selected niche areas within educational publications, the publishing house has positioned itself solidly within the highly competitive education market. Responding quickly to current requirements, showing courage in the face of difficult topics and creating materials that encourage independent, self-directed learning are just some of the company’s many strengths. Since 2013, the Mülheim-based company has also offered nurses and family members help and support in caring for dementia patients – both at in-patient facilities and at home.