Junge und Vater mit Drachen
Bild: Atamanenko

Embracing responsibility

Those who set the direction should know where they’re headed. We are aware of the special responsibility we have as a major architect of the education sector. 

We show the way 

Social responsibility is never an end in itself, but rather a privilege and a promise. With our passion and expertise, we bring to life our vision of an educational landscape where everyone can develop their full potential to the best of their abilities. Our focus is always on the benefit for our customers. 

Showing the way and ensuring security and satisfaction – all this requires a clear awareness of our own identity and the values modelled throughout the company. Our Code of Conduct shows us how to act in a way that is both ethical and reflects our values. 

New impetus

Social responsibility was also the reason for establishing our charitable Cornelsen foundations. The Cornelsen Stiftung Lehren und Lernen foundation for teaching and learning, initiated by Franz Cornelsen in 1978, aims to bring new impetus to school teaching. The goal of the Cornelsen Kulturstiftung cultural foundation, founded in 1996 by Ruth Cornelsen, is to preserve historical monuments in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Cornelsen Stiftung Lehren und Lernen 

New impetus for schools and teaching: the Cornelsen foundation for teaching and learning is committed to improving the quality of teaching in Germany. The charitable foundation strengthens teaching skills and promotes innovations that give schools fresh impetus. To support this it holds an annual summer university and gives out the Cornelsen Future Award.

Schloss Schönhausen

Cornelsen Kulturstiftung

Monument protection in Berlin and Brandenburg: the Cornelsen cultural foundation was established in 1996 and works to save historical buildings from falling into disrepair and thus being forgotten. It devotes all the foundation’s income to the preservation of historical monuments in Berlin, Potsdam and the surrounding area.