“Education is the most important investment in people.”

Franz Cornelsen 

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Bild: Shutterstock.com/franz12

We take education seriously 

The way people learn has always been subject to change, with recent shifts taking place towards models that are more personalised and innovative. The greatest benefit of this multiplicity goes to society as a whole because, after all, education is more than just theory – it is lived experience that bonds and keeps us together. 

Developing potential – shaping the future 

How can we ensure excellent teaching for a diverse mix of students? How do we get schoolchildren excited about science? How can we support professionals in their personal development? The education system is growing in complexity – in the best way possible.  

We want to develop solutions that are optimally tailored to the people who will use them. To do so, we help to establish a learning and living environment where everyone can develop their full potential to the best of their abilities: learners of all ages and backgrounds, teachers at all kinds of educational facilities, companies and their employees. 

One thing also holds true for the future: creating good partnerships requires respect for diversity and the will to embrace change. This approach forms the very core of our business model. Accompanied by a tradition of high quality at every level, it charts the course of our mission to create a multifaceted educational landscape that meets the needs of all.