Junge Menschen in Bibliothek

Continually in flux 

The pursuit of a good life is what drives us ever forward. At the Cornelsen Group, we know all about the value of personal and professional growth and we create space for individuals to develop and advance. Our role is to provide skilled support for learners, who can then rely on our expertise and assistance throughout their entire lifetime. 

Perspectives for life 

Education is an open-ended process that has no prescribed pace and no fixed path. Our thorough understanding of all aspects of learning and teaching enables us to respond flexibly to challenging demands. We support our customers in their personal development over the span of many years – always with the right strategies for every learning objective and situation.

For more than 70 years, people have been teaching and learning with educational media from the Cornelsen Group. During this time, we have helped 90 million students, teachers, adult learners and trainees to recognise their full potential and discover new perspectives. 

Our business fields 


Achieving educational qualifications 

For more than 75 years, we have used our educational expertise and thorough knowledge and understanding of the school system to support learners in achieving formal (school) qualifications. From classic textbooks and digital teaching solutions to learning apps – our materials build on one another and are tailored to a range of curricula, school models and learning styles.

> Digital literacy promotion for primary schools

> Conduct scientific experiments easily with an app

> Up close: living foreign language learning

> Just say it: the English classroom chat app

> All teaching materials in one place for convenient lesson planning

> Solving the challenge of a diverse mix of students


Learning and using languages 

Learning and using language is part of our DNA – whether we’re brushing up on a foreign language for a holiday, getting ahead on the job or improving our writing style. Our products stand for qualified linguistic and teaching expertise. They range from classic course solutions and learning platforms to reference books and vocabulary training apps.

> Digital text review

> THE German language expert: the Duden