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Guiding values 

The essence of a company is reflected in the positive cohesion of its employees. Our shared values not only provide security, they also express what makes us who we are, what we are committed to – on both a professional and personal level – and what we expect from one another as members of a successful team. 

From past to future 

The character of the Cornelsen Group is based on established structures and guided by the aspirations we hold dear: to shape society, to learn by doing and to unite intellect and commerce. These are just a few of the objectives that brought us to where we are today. They reflect the values that form the sturdy bridge between our past and our future. 

Some values have become more important in recent times. Customer centricity, individual responsibility and team spirit mean more today than ever before – in other words, full and open engagement with others. Only with detailed knowledge of our customers and what they need can we inspire them with the right products and services and deliver the best solutions as a team. 

One thing is certain – it is always easier to give your best in a climate of mutual trust. Whether with our colleagues or business partners, a focus on respectful and responsive interaction and reliable communication is core to our corporate culture – and a prerequisite for lasting success.  

Our company values 


Shaping society 

A successful society is one in which everyone can succeed in their learning. We are proud to help shape our educational landscape and share our expertise. This also means that we value diversity and variety, and take responsibility for promoting intercultural understanding and social cohesion. The key is to nurture strong partnerships based on an equal footing.


Full customer centricity 

Because we believe in the power and potential of each individual, we strive to create the greatest possible benefit for every learner and always take into account the people supporting them. We are committed to learning together with our customers and to improving what we do for their benefit. This approach also allows us to get authors, decision-makers and financial backers on board with our products and services. 


Individual responsibility and collaboration 

We expect professionalism and a focus on results, and we encourage individual responsibility in strong teams. This is based on mutual respect, appreciation and trust. After all, in an increasingly collaborative global environment, long-term success comes only when professional and personal skills go hand in hand.


Learning by doing 

We know that the best results are borne of enthusiasm and genuine commitment. We expect a willingness to try new things and the ability to action ideas, with space for mistakes as long as we learn from them – and always question our own thoughts and actions in a spirit of genuine open-mindedness. 


Intellect and commerce 

In order to do lasting justice to our desire to shape society, we coordinate all our actions to ensure economic success.